Comp. Sys. & App-B.Com-Sem-V

It gives us great pleasure to present this book on the revised syllabus of ‘Computer Systems and Applications’ for the students of T.Y.B.Com. (Semester – V).
An attempt has been made to include a large number of examples keeping in mind the pattern of the question paper. Simple language has been used to make the concepts involved very clear.
Practicals in MySQL and Spreadsheets have been provided, along with viva questions in the same.
We are thankful to Shri. Deepak Sheth, Shri. Kirit Sheth and the staff of M/s. Sheth Publishers Pvt. Ltd. for their sincere efforts in bringing out this book.
We hope that the students and the faculty find this book useful. We would appreciate constructive suggestions which can be sent to and
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