F. C.– I – F.Y.B.B.I – Sem – I

Foundation Course – I – F.Y.B.B.I. – Semester – I

UNIT I Overview of Indian Society

1.    Overview of Indian Society

UNIT II  Concept of Disparity – 1

2.    Gender Disparity

3.    Physically and Mentally Disabled People

UNIT III Concept of Disparity – 2

4.    Caste, System and Intergroup Conflicts

5.    Communalism

6.    Regionalism, Linguistic Differences and Conflicts

UNIT IV The Indian Constitution 

7.    Structure and Philosophy of Indian Constitution

8.    Basic Features of Indian Constitution

9.    Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizen

UNIT V Significant Aspects of Political Progresses

10.  Party System in Indian Politics

11.  Local Self Government – Rural and Urban Areas

12.  Role and Significance of Women in Indian Politics

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