Internat. Busi. Envir. – B.B.A. – Sem.–V

International Business Environment – B.B.A. – Semester–V

UNIT – I : Introduction to International Business

1.  Importance, Nature and Scope of International Business

2.  Modes of Entry into International Business

3.  Internationalization Process and Managerial Implications

4.  Issues in Foreign Investments, Technology Transfer, Pricing and Regulations

5.  International Collaborative Arrangements and Strategic Alliances

6.  Concept and Significance of Balance of Payments Account

UNIT – II : International Business Environment

7.   Economic Environment in International Business

8.   Demographic Environment in International Business

9.   Cultural Environment in International Business

10. Legal & Political Environments in International Business

UNIT – III : Global Trading and Investment Environment

11. World Trade in Goods and Services-Major Trends and Developments

12. World Trade and Protectionism-Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers

13. Foreign Investments-Pattern, Structure and Effects

14. Movements in Foreign Exchange and Interest Rates and their Impact onTrade and Investment Flows

UNIT – IV : International Economic Institutions and Agreements

15. World Trade Organization

16. International Monetary Fund, World Bank and UNCTAD

17. International Commodity Trading and Agreements

18. Structure and Functioning of EU and NAFTA

19. Regional Economic Groupings in Practice : Levels of Regional Economic Integration; Regionalism vs. Multilateralism;                     Important Regional Economic Groupings in the World

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