News Media Management–T.Y.B.A.M.M.C.–Semester–VI

News Media Management–T.Y.B.A.M.M.C.–Semester–VI

1. Making News: Truth, Ideology and News work 

2. News, Audiences and Everyday Life

3. Legacy Media-Broadcast Media Overview and Print Publishing Overview

4. Contemporary Elements, Dimensions and Image of Print Media: A Comparative Analysis with Electronic Media 

5. Specialised Training for Skilled Workers, HRD 

6. Integrated Marketing Communications 

7. Disruptive Technology and Media Business Models 

8. Becoming a Digital Media Brand

9. Financial Management 

10. Challenges of Globalisation and Liberalisation 

11. Understanding Company Law 

Case Study on Eenadu 

Case Study – Star Network 

Case Study – CNN 

Case Study – UTV Software Communications Ltd.

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