Tourism Marketing–S.Y.B.M.S.–Semester–IV

Tourism Marketing–S.Y.B.M.S.–Semester–IV

Module – I : Introduction to Tourism Marketing

1. Introduction to Tourism Marketing 

2. Tourism Marketing 

3. Phases of Tourism 

4. Tourism Planning 

Module – II : Tourism Market Segmentation & Product Mix of Tourism Marketing

5. Tourism Market Segmentation & Product Mix of Tourism Marketing 

6. Four A’s of Tourism 

7. Marketing Strategy

Module – III : Concept of Pricing, Place, Promotion and Expanded Marketing Mix for Tourism Marketing

8. Concept of Pricing, Place, Promotion and Expanded Marketing Mix for Tourism Marketing 

9. Place 

10. Promotion

11. Process 

12. Physical Evidence for Tourism 

13. People 

Module – IV : Global Tourism, Tourism Organizations and Challenges for Indian Tourism Industry

14. Global Tourism Market 

15. Status of Tourism in Developing Countries 

16. India as a Tourist Destination 

17. Challenges for Indian Tourism Industry 

18. Tourism Organizations

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